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Professional Development Bundles

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Are you looking to improve your skills in the workplace? This bundle walks you through essential life lessons such as dealing with difficult people or maintaining that work-life-balance.
Earn 13 PDUs through these engaging courses, take selfassessments, learn tips, and take actions for personal growth. Includes the following courses:
  • Dealing with Difficult People: 25 Tips to Stay in Control (3.5 Leadership PDUs)
  • 25 Actions to Build Your Self-Confidence (3.5 Leadership PDUs)
  • Self-Assessing and Improving Your Performance Maturity (3 Leadership PDUs)
  • Effective Mentoring: Top 40 Q&As for a Successful Experience
    (1.5 Leadership PDUs and 1.5 Strategic PDUs)
6 months ($269.45)
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Are you looking to advance your career? This bundle focuses on courses that can be a game changer in preparing you for achieving consistent project success. From learning how to avoid project failure to team building and more, the knowledge and experience behind these courses can pay handsome dividends on your current and future projects.

Earn 11 PDUs and experience a plethora of tips, templates, takeaways and
actions that can benefit your projects and jump-start your career. Includes the the following courses:
  • Build a Better Team: 54 Real-Life Scenarios (2 Leadership PDUs; 1
    Strategic PDU)
  • Top 10 Mistakes in Conducting Lessons Learned (2 Leadership PDUs)
  • 17 Top Reasons Why Projects Fail—and What You Can Do to Avoid Failure (2 Leadership PDUs; 4 Strategic PDUs)
6 months ($231.20)

Agile Courses

Agile Scrum.jpg
Have you ever thought, 'What is Agile Scrum?' What exactly defines Scrum? What is a Scrum Master or a Product Owner? How does a Scrum Team operate? This course answers these questions and so many more.

Neal covers the many benefits of Scrum over traditional frameworks, and introduces a 12 step process to implement a successful Scrum project.

Dive into a popular and effective framework for getting work done in small,
quick increments. Learn to provide customer value with each successive increment, using small self-organized, self-initiated, highly adaptive and closely collaborated teams, while promoting steadfast continuous improvement.
6 months ($84)
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The common struggle in projects is to get the right people to make decisions in a timely manner. In this highly informative course, our SME Kupe Kupersmith
shares how to view and approach analysis so your focus is on reaching the desired outcome. Kupe is an accomplished BA, author, and sought-after speaker.
In the course, Kupe shares the perspective of the BA. For example, one of the most valuable contributions the BA can make is helping others make decisions. Learn how to identify business needs and determine solutions. Learn how to
tailor your approach when working with different types of people. Kupe also provides real-life examples, such as working on a relatable neighborhood project or being misunderstood in his role at Turner Broadcasting.
These entertaining examples will help you become a better manager. Whether you’re performing business analysis, mentoring others or involved in projects where analysis is happening – this course is perfect for you!
6 months ($39)

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Wouldn’t it be nice to purchase one bundle with all the courses you need to fulfill your education professional development units (PDUs) and also stay relevant and in demand?
As a Project Management Professional (PMP)® or Program Management Professional (PgMP)® you need 8 PDUs in Technical Management, Leadership, and Strategic Business Management. With a click of a button, you will be on your way to completing your educational requirement under the PMI Talent Triangle.

This bundle includes the following courses:
  • Surveying Client Satisfaction (3 strategic PDUs)
  • Strategy of Project Selection (6 strategic PDUs)
  • Fundamentals of Earned Value Management (4.5 technical 
    PDUs and .5 leadership PDUs)
  • Risk Management Fundamentals(4.5 technical PDUs and .5 Strategic)
  • Lessons From Top PMs (5 leadership PDUs)
  • Achieving the Elusive Work-Life Balance (2.5 leadership PDUs)
6 months ($459)

Risk and Change Management Courses

Risk Management Fundamentals
(5 PDUs - 4.5 Technical; .5 Strategic and Business Management)
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This course builds the foundation upon which to build your understanding and application of specific techniques that will prepare your stance related to the uncertainty – or risk – of the project’s success from the start to finish milestones.
The course includes a real-life case study to exemplify how the concepts being taught in this course were applied successfully in a well-known event!
6 months ($89)
Applied Risk Management
(6 PDUs - 5.5 Technical; .5 Strategic and Business Management
Risk Management 2.png

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Wanting a course to follow up Risk Management Fundamentals? This course builds upon the previous course’s foundation to build your working knowledge in applying specific practical approaches, processes, and tools and techniques in managing the uncertainty—or risk—of the project’s success from the inception to the completion.

Included are 22 downloadable “takeaways” which you can find in the course's
Media Center for your use.

6 months ($119)
How to Lead Successful Change Management
(2.25 PDUs - 1.25 Leadership; 1 Strategic and Business Management)

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The need for organizational change management for today’s businesses to keep up, or even survive, is unprecedented. Agility is essential. Changing strategies, processes, systems,
staff roles and responsibilities, cultures, customer relationships and organizations, to name a few, require effective change management to implement. The companies that are able to adapt quickly will experience a competitive advantage, while those that cannot will fall behind.


Most change initiatives fail. But this course was designed to reverse that statistic by describing an effective change management model and revealing critical foundational tenets that support successful change management initiatives. By the end of this 2.25 PDU course you’ll gain the knowledge and confidence to effectively implement change throughout your organization.

6 months ($59)

Technical Project Management Courses

Negotiation - Agreement.jpg

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Negotiating is a fundamental skill that you use virtually every day. It plays a critical role both in the success of your career and your life outside of work. Every day you negotiate with your co-workers, with businesses, friends and family. For many, negotiating can seem confrontational, intimidating and frankly a daunting task.

However, with this course, you learn the most important tips to adopt to become an effective negotiator. When you become a better negotiator and
see that nearly everything in life is negotiable, it opens your possibilities for a more fulfilling life.

6 months ($49)
Collecting Customer Requirements
(1 PDU - .5 Technical; .5 Leadership)
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You will learn methods for collecting customer requirements, including how to ensure each requirement passes the SMART Test.


Receive expert instruction describing common mistakes and how to avoid them. Hear helpful tips on the proper approach to collecting customer requirements. Apply your newly-learned knowledge in an exercise – you may want to share the results with your manager!

6 months ($19)

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Whether you are a novice project manager or an experienced practitioner, developing effective Work Breakdown Structures during the initial planning phase is crucial for your project. A poorly constructed WBS can result in many adverse project and program outcomes.


In this engaging course, our SME Eric Norman presents the complex topic of developing and applying Work Breakdown Structures in a way that is easy to understand and communicate. The course also includes handy downloadables and a quiz to assess your progress throughout the course.


As an added bonus, this course is aligned with the globally accepted Practice Standard for Work Breakdown Structure.

6 months ($49)
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Would you like to hone your time management skills? Are you looking for that edge that allows you to complete work in less time, get more done each day, waste less time, find more free time, take control of your day, improve your reputation and lower your stress?

Success at work and in your life overall is largely not about how much time you have but how you invest the time you have. Effective time management can significantly and positively affect the rest of your life; it’s truly a game changer.


This course is loaded with ideas to help you make the best use of your time.

6 months ($74)