Why Choose Blue Summit Constulting Group?

Early and Continuous Delivery of Value


Most PMP® Boot Camps are geared solely towards passing the exam and only engage with the students during the Boot Camp and/or when a student fails an exam. With our courses, we will be engaged before, during, and after your training experience. Once you register for your course, we will send you your ProQuip® Premium Student Kit, which will include a textbook, a student guide, and a laminated PMP® Quick Reference Guide. Additionally, we will email you a special license to access online content from InSite® for three (3) months. This online content contains:

  • 35 hours of additional video lectures

  • Over 250 digital flashcards

  • Learning games

  • More than 1,000 practice exam questions, including three (3) full-length practice exams


During the course, our instructors, who have decades of professional experience leading successful programs and projects, will be with you every step of the way; assisting you with filling out your application, answering all project management-related questions, and providing real-world examples of how to apply the knowledge you gain from the course.

After the course is finished, our staff will still be there for you when you need help. Your success is our primary goal, so we want to make sure you have mastered every concept. Additionally, when you graduate from one of our courses, you will receive a 20% discount on any of our online courses and an invite to our Facebook community of alumni to continue expanding your professional knowledge and network, as well as discuss challenges or share lessons learned.

Winning Never Felt So good!


The PMP® certification is considered one of the most difficult certifications to achieve. The feeling of accomplishment will be tremendous. While most training organizations consider this the finish line, we merely see it as a goal post. A touchdown. A big score. And we know that obtaining certification as a Project Management Professional is just the beginning of the journey. The key to success as a Project Manager is to apply what you have learned on the job to lead projects that come in on time (or early) and within scope, budget, and quality constraints.


For this reason, from the moment you register to the day you graduate by achieving your PMP® certification, you will be included in an online classroom environment where you will get regular updates/announcements relevant to your course, engage with classmates and staff in discussions about key Project Management topics, and receive from your instructor(s) thought-provoking questions and insights, as well as extra content such as project management templates, articles, and industry facts/figures.


This is all at no additional cost to you, because we want to help you win, whether it’s in the workplace or the marketplace.


Estimated Percentage of Test-takers who fail the PMP Exam.

Guaranteed to Pass, Or Your Money Back


Our goal is to help you pass the PMP® exam. If you don't pass the exam then we did not accomplish what you paid us to do. It's really that simple.


Every PMP® candidate gets three attempts to pass the exam until he/she must wait one full year before attempting to take the exam again. We are very confident that you will be able to pass the exam on your first attempt, but we know that we can get you past the goal post within the three allotted exam attempts. So much so, that if you don’t, we will offer a full refund or a voucher to attend another class free of charge. We just ask that you give it your full attention and effort by completing the following tasks:

  1. Attend all four days (or 32 hours) of training.

  2. Complete all three ProQuip® online practice exams.

  3. Take all three PMP® exams within 120 days of finishing the course.

  4. Attend a minimum of six 1-on-1 directed study sessions (1 hour each) in between each exam attempt.*


*If you’re application is audited, just provide proof of your exam eligibility date and we will just adjust the exam time frame to 120 days from the date of eligibility to take the exam.


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