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Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)®

The CAPM® certification serves as an ideal launchpad for aspiring project management professionals, offering a globally recognized credential that spans across industries. Elevate your career prospects with this certification, gaining foundational knowledge and a global perspective in project management.

Why Get a CAPM® Certification?

  • Career Advancement: Validate your understanding of fundamental project management principles, opening doors to entry-level positions and enabling career growth. 

  • Global Recognition: Showcase your commitment to professional development and align with an internationally recognized standard in project management, enhancing your abilities in team collaboration, project execution, and stakeholder communication.

  • Skill Validation: Verify your proficiency in project management methodologies, enhancing your abilities in team collaboration, project execution, and stakeholder communication. 

To sit for the CAPM® Certification Exam, you must meet the following requirements: 

  • Have a secondary degree, such as a high school diploma, GED, or global equivalent

  • Have at least 23 hours of project management education completed before the exam

CAPM® Exam Requirements

Blue Summit's Course

Get everything you need for success on your exam to include: 

  • 23 hours of training by a certified instructor

  • 1-year access to PMI Choice®, and PMI's curated training materials

  • Access to Blue Summit's proprietary content through Blue Summit Academy, our LMS, to include videos, supplemental materials, course downloads, practice/mock exams. 

  • Post-training support

  • Optional - Add a 1-year PMI Membership and Exam Voucher for an additional costs during checkout

Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to CAPM® Certification

  • Project Management Fundamentals and Core Concepts

  • Adaptive Frameworks and Methodologies

  • Business Analysis Frameworks

  • Blue Summit's Proven Exam Tips and Tricks

Take the next step to advance your career and enroll in our course today!

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