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3 Steps to Crush the PMP® on a Shoestring Budget

Are you trying to achieve the PMP® certification, but budget is a huge limiting constraint for you? Here's a great strategy for you using our proven training options with .

2) Contact us to book one-on-one tutoring services for however many 1-hr sessions you need, focusing on only the sections that remain a little confusing.

3) Crush the exam.

If you take the live course, you will get to your goal significantly faster and with a lot of engagement with a live instructor; but it will cost $1695 (through us, with most programs you will pay $2,500 or more), plus $555 for the exam for a rough total of $2,200 investment.

However, if you take the online course using the links provided in this post, you will pay just $660 for 6-months of access and $555 for the exam for a rough total of $1,200. That leaves room for 10 hours of one-on-one tutoring at $100/hr before you match the cost of the live instruction!

If you can stay disciplined, you can just purchase the licenses for shorter time periods and save a ton of money while using live interaction time that is hyper-focused only on areas that are still confusing to make sure you can crush the exam.

There are clearly pros and cons to everything. The less you pay, the less access to study resources and live interaction you will have. This strategy requires outstanding self-discipline as well. But if you can maintain that discipline and time is not a huge factor, this can be a great way to achieve your goals on a shoestring budget.

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